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Dr. John Neumann, W.T., R.M.T., D.R.H. (ACRHA)
Dr. John Neumann has over 30 years experience in private practice and teaching in the field of Holistic, Preventive, and Complimentary Medicine. His background is in Biology with extensive training in the Medical and Chiropractic Sciences.He is one of the leading leading spa physicians in Germany.
John is an honorary member and the Canadian representative, for the Spa Physicians Association of Kneipp in Germany. He is specialized in stress management, headaches (migraines and tension), Holistic Reflexology, the Kneipp system of Hydrotherapy, Spa Therapy, Ayurvedic Medicine and Swedish Relaxation Massage. He is one of the most experienced Reflexology researchers in Canada. He is the founding member of the Alberta Association of Therapeutic Masseurs, and was the first Clinician in Alberta to introduce a professional code of ethics and malpractice insurance for massage therapists.
John is very concerned about any attempts at the regulation of massage therapy in Alberta based on the unfounded premise of harm to the public. He believes this would devastate the 6000+ full-time practicing therapists, thereby adding pressures on the economy and the health care system. In order to stop this unnecessary regulation he confidently requested the Alberta Occupation Board to investigate the safety of Swedish Massage practice in the 1980’s. After several million dollars and two years of intense investigation the minister concluded; “The practice of Swedish Massage has no risk to public safety and therefore the regulation is not necessary”.

It is in this way that John has been the forefront representation of the underprivileged minorities that regulation targets. Regulation means an increase in training hours similar to Newfoundland, B.C. and Ontario‘s 2500 - 3000 hours which they feel entitles them to treat acute medical conditions. Acute medical conditions must be treated by licensed, medically trained professionals. These programs will be only accessible for those with financial advantages and good English language background. New immigrants and poor minorities will not be acknowledged. In all, he believes massage therapy and the medical profession are distinct and different professions.

The center of his outspoken philosophy is the fundamental value that Massage therapy encompasses compassionate care and intentional healing. He has always voiced his concern in the Calgary and Edmonton bylaw process, as well as, with the Alberta Health and Wellness regulatory board regarding these issues.

Dr. Alla Deriabina, M.D., R.M.T.
Dr. Deriabina graduated as a Medical doctor with a high honor from Novosibirsk State Medical Academy in 1983. She specialized as a pediatric physician. While practicing in the hospital, she has taken and practiced pediatric massage and Russian Massage. She has also graduated from our College. Presently she is working in two Chiropractic clinics, namely Dr. Ernie Cosman/Dr. Lana Cosman, and Dr. Tad Nakai. She is an excellent hands on instructor. Dr. Deriabina has received the utmost praise from students and faculty members alike.

Derek Bryczek, R.M.T.
Derek trained in Poland as a Physiotherapy Technician and worked in a Polish hospital for two years where he specialized in Medical Massage and European Seated Medical Massage techniques. Derek worked at the Canada Olympic Park for several years in the capacity of an Athletic/massage Therapist for the Canadian Bobsled team. As well, he worked at the Canadian Sport Rehab by the University of Calgary. He has been teaching the European Seated massage techniques exclusively at our school, which has been appreciated by all of our graduates.

Dr. Susan Harris, PhD, M.Ed.
Susan has graduated from Ontario as an occupational therapist. In 1989 her interests grew strongly in massage therapy. She has worked and practiced in various reputable clinics in Calgary. She has also received her Bachelor, Masters, and PhD degrees in the field of Education from the University of Calgary. She has instructed many of our advanced massage courses, including stress management and relaxation techniques. Susan has received the award of excellence in teaching for our college. She has also created the Code of Ethics and Conduct for the instructors and students at our college, which is the highest standard in Canada.

Vali Jalali, R.M.T.
Vali graduated and worked as an engineer for 18 years. His interest grew in massage therapy. He now has 14 years of experience in therapeutic massage. Vali has his own massage clinic at the Southland Leisure Center. He has worked and assisted teaching in our school for the past decade. He is a graduate from every advanced massage course available in Alberta. Over 65% of his patients come by referrals from medical doctors. He has been rated by every class as one of the best instructors in practical techniques.

Dr. Fereshteh Jalali, M.D., R.M.T.
Fereshteh Jalali started her studies at the University of Calgary, where she completed her Bachelor of Science in general biology and a Masters of Science in cardiovascular research. Subsequently, Fereshteh entered Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary and completed her degree in medicine. Currently she is a psychiatrist at the Peter Laugheed hospital.
Dr. Eric Neumann

Dr. Eric Neumann, D.C., R.M.T.
Dr. Neumann’s fascination of the human body began over fifteen years ago while enduring many sports related injuries. With the help of massage and Chiropractic he was able to return to activity and continue to compete at a high level. Dr. Neumann attended the University of Calgary, majoring in Chemistry. During this time his allure to manual medicine led him to practice massage therapy. He graduated from the Calgary College of Holistic Health in 2002, where continues to share his knowledge, instructing anatomy, physiology and techniques at the college. 

Dumitru Pietraru, R.M.T.
Dumitru is a graduate of our Swedish Relaxation Massage and Holistic Reflexology programs. His Instructors rated him as our top graduate. Dumitru joined our faculty as an assistant instructor as of Spring 2003. His hands on teaching skills help our students learn more efficiently and quicker. His instruction was much appreciated by the students of our Spring 2003 class. Ever since then, he has been teaching regularly and has become well-known as a posture specialist. He received the best evaluation from his students in recent years and received an award of excellence and appreciation.
DeAnna Lorenson Mayhood: B.A., B.Sc., RMT, R M/T
DeAnna began her career studying English literature, education, and linguistics and became an English professor for a university in South Korea. After nearly a decade, she felt the need to do more for people, so she studied massage therapy, hot stone massage, and reflexology at our college. She went on to become a birth doula and also specialises in massage throughout pregnancy, during labour, and following birth, but her skills include working with new parents learning to massage their newborns. DeAnna still has a passion for education. She teaches therapeutic stone massage, prenatal massage, and Reiki, plus she considers the mindful use of knowledge and skill a therapist’s greatest tool for bringing wellness and pain-relief to others, students and treatment recipients alike.

Lucy Hares, R.M.T.
Lucy is also a graduate of our Swedish Relaxation Massage, Holistic Reflexology and spa therapy programs. Lucy joined our faculty as an assistant instructor as of Spring 2003. We received great reviews of her performance from our latest graduating class. Lucy is working as a self-employed massage therapist. Lucy has received the best evaluation from her students in recent years and received an award of excellence and appreciation. We are pleased to have Lucy as part of our friendly team.

Leah Valcourt
Leah graduated with a BA in Sociology from U of C in 1995.  She has worked as a bookkeeper from 1990 to present day.  Leah graduated from Calgary College of Holistic Massage and Clinics in the winter of 2009, as well as completing our Hot Stone Massage course the same year.  She is a certified practitioner of Indian Head Massage, Kansa Vatki Foot Massage and she is a Reiki Master/Teacher. Leah is the owner of ‘Just For A Moment’ where she specializes in compassionate massage for women.  

Melissa Neumann, R.M.T. 
Melissa Neumann is one of the directors of the College. She has graduated from Calgary College of Holistic Health and Clinics Inc. in Swedish Relaxation Massage, Spa Therapy, Holistic Reflexology & Hot Stone Massage. She is the owner of AtwoZ Massage and Spa Supplies. Her compassionate and knowledgeable approach within the industry has made her an essential part of our college.


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