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The following testimonials are examples of hundreds of letters we have received from our college students and public.
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For John Neumann
Teacher, Mentor, Friend
Innocence lies in our hearts ever so thin
Our blood flows eternally to nurture others within

Deep beneath this city of noise and sleep
We induce Body and Mind free in calm relief

Awakened by caring in the temple of Time
That allows our gifts to wrap all in the sublime

To reach out and warm the worn souls, depressed and tired
Let sickness be prevented by an energy of kindled fire
Embrace each to cure the disease of old
This is the promise we shall always hold

When healing hands touch, all forgiveness is given
And love permeates the skin like angels from heaven
"As a television actor my profession requires extremely long hours and tremendous physical and mental endurance. Consequently, over the years, I have found various forms of massage to be invaluable tools in allaying the tensions and pressures of my work. John Neumann has not only been of tremendous help through his massage techniques, but has also almost completely corrected a lower back problem which has hounded me for a number of years. Without a doubt, he is by far the best massage therapist that I have encountered anywhere in the world. His knowledge and application of the healing arts has also helped me stop a 2 ½ pack-a-day cigarette habit… It is my firm conviction that techniques such as reflexology, shiatsu massage, iridology and herbal medicine (all of which John Neumann is a practitioner) are of immense benefit in our modern, stressful times, and I heartily recommend John Neumann to any and all who are interested in a better and healthful way of life."
"This course has changed the direction of my life. It has equipped me to work in a professional and therapeutic field, to help improve ones health and well-being. It has motivated me to pursue greater and further studies in the health area. I loved it. Instruction quality was superior and intensive, the instructors were dynamic and experts in their fields."
"I really enjoyed taking this course and I thought that it was very informative. After taking this course I feel confident about going out into the work force as an RMT. I think that the quality of the guest speakers was very high and they all sound to be highly qualified professionals. I’m very glad that I chose this course because I’ve learned so much. Thank you for everything you taught me."
"I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of this course. It felt wonderful to be instructed by such respectful, intelligent professionals. This school is different because the instructors actually cared about the students. I would recommend John’s College to anyone."
"I chose this course instead of another because of the people involved… I came to this course every day knowing that a really good, positive energy would be flowing from person to person. I have learned a great deal from my classmates and especially the instructors. John has been very informative with the academic portion of the course and I’ve enjoyed hearing about all of his experiences. I loved the course!"
"I enjoyed this course very much. All of the instructors were well qualified and knowledgeable in their fields. All of them were very helpful and willing to answer questions and demonstrate. All the guest speakers were excellent, I have taken a course at the U.B.C. and M.R.C. and none of them compared with the love and kindness and genuine help you give each student. I would recommend your college to my friends and clients. Thank you!"
E. R.
"I just wanted to let you know how much I am learning as well as enjoying the massage course. I was so happy to see and be involved with such positive and respectful teachers, it was nice to see a genuine learning environment - I saw it the first day. As a social worker it is nice to know that I will soon be able to work in an environment without all the mental stressor of the demanding human resources field.
"D. H.
"This is the best course, not only is it very professional but very caring. The instructors make sure each student feels confident with all the procedures. The instructors themselves are priceless, no school has as many instructors that teach this well. This school is the best."
"You have placed an imprint on my heart and in my life. You allowed me to open up my wings and let me see for myself that I have a gift for helping people. Thank you so much for guiding me in a new path that feels so right for me."
"I enjoyed this course very much. I learned a lot and it has helped me get my life on track. The teachings and lectures made by the instructors were very informative and gave me a better understanding of how the human body works."
"I enjoyed the course very much, and the instructors were excellent and very professional. [The] guest speakers were also very informative and helpful. I wish everyone to experience it for themselves."
"Generosity in you is an understatement. Love would describe you better. I know for myself it is a great gift to have you in my life. I am positive the rest of our class feels the same."
Swedish Massage Winter Class 2003
"It is a pleasure in any person’s lifetime to meet a caring and compassionate person such as Dr. Neumann. We thank him for his patient and gentle guidance in our first step in learning alternative medicine. We wish him well."
The Graduating Class of ‘92
"I am so glad I have taken Dr. Neumann’s massage course. I am employed with Dolphin Cruise Lines based out of Miami. I get a variety of people that have said my massage technique is really good. This course can really take you places.  The ship is an incredible experience and I am really busy on my days at sea. Everyone compliments me on my massages. Thank you once again for your course."
"I truly enjoyed all our teachers, they were so knowledgeable, and willing to share with us their expertise. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in the art of massage. For me this has been one of the most beneficial and enjoyable course I have ever taken. Thank you again for this wonderful experience."
G. L.
"Without a doubt, this was the best class I have ever taken in my life! All of the teachers are extremely knowledgeable and at the same time very friendly and approachable. My gratitude goes out to all the instructors! This class was an eye opening for me in many respects. I am so glad I took it!"
L. H.
"I really enjoyed this course and the variety of different massage techniques taught. I will recommend this course to other caring people who want to become a message therapy."
D. T.
"I enjoyed this course more than I expected. The instructors were great because they are working in the field, and their information was varied."
"Not a minute of my time was wasted with this course. I know I will be successful and Dr. Neumann has helped me along that road."
"I enjoyed the course very much. The instructors were professional, knowledgeable, and helpful."
"It is a great honor to be in this class. I gained a lot of knowledge, and feel that this is a great profession."
"This is the best class I’ve ever been in, and to tell the truth, Dr. Neumann is one wonderful human being."
"Your kindness couldn’t be appreciated more, thank you so much!"
From the Winter 1994 Class
"Thank you for all that you do and each and every instructor involved. I look forward to a prosperous future in this wonderful profession."
"This is the best course I have ever attended. Nothing can beat this experience. Everyone is wonderful!"
"This course was different and very informative. It showed me what I want to do with my life and made me excited about my future."
"I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing this time with you. Your jokes and gentle energy were always wonderful. I will miss your classes."
"I enjoyed the course more than I ever expected. It was everything I had hoped it would be and so much more… I feel truly blessed to have met Dr. Neumann and know the things I learned in the last few months are definitely things that I will take with me wherever I go for the rest of my life!"
"I feel like my whole life is opening up for me after taking this class. The class has been a great blessing in my life and I don’t know if I can fully express how much my acceptance into the course has impacted my life (in only the best ways!) Your kindness and the love you show have been such an inspiration to me and have really shown me how caring combined with expertise and knowledge can turn massage therapy into a healing art, not just a way to make money. It has been an honor attending your class; along with the priceless knowledge you and your instructors have taught, you have given me the motivation to never want to stop learning. Thank you for putting me on the track I am meant to be on. You have changed my life!"
C. R.
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